The Journey Begins

“Brian, I don’t care what it takes; you have to do this thing!”

-My Brother, three weeks ago

After months of contemplation and weeks of prep, I finally booked a trip that will change my life. I have many many things remaining to do, but as Lau-tzu put it, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and that step happened today.

Let me start with some background. I’ve always wanted to snowboard on every continent, but I thought it was just an impossible dream; I mean, like you could actually ski in Antarctica. Well as it turns out, yes, you can ski in Antarctica, and there’s a ski expedition going this November. Unfortunately it costs a small fortune; in fact, it would cost me all my savings. Well, I guess that’s that, I can’t afford to go.

However, I’ve had some interesting influences in my life recently. Between the book I’ve been reading (4-Hour Work Week), Dale Carnegie classes (highly recommended), and one very inspirational phone call with my brother, I had enough positive encouragement to follow my heart and live my dream. I sent the deposit for the trip today and it was like a giant weight being lifted off my chest. I know now with one-hundred percent certainty that I’m doing the right thing.

I’m super stoked about everything right now. I can’t wait to be in shape, because this trip has given me the drive to actually work out and eat better so I can manage the backcountry hikes. I want to learn enough Spanish to get around Argentina during my layovers. I have so much to read up on about the Antarctic Peninsula, and so much practice to do with my camera. Not to mention all the equipment I need to beg, borrow, rent, or as a last resort purchase for this trip. And I’m looking forward to it all.

I’m also excited to share my experiences during adventure. I’ve never been much of a writer, although it’s interested me, but once again this trip has given me the final nudge to do it. I hope this blog is interesting, informative, and entertaining to you, or maybe even helps you to stop chasing your dreams and actually live them.

“Do or do not, there is no try.”



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